At MENTLO, we serve businesses from various industries with tailor-made software tools and online services.

Our products empower organizations to move faster, think bigger, and focus on real work. Beyond our products, we bring on board years of information systems consulting and digital transformation experience enabling us to reposition and provide the businesses we work with a competitive advantage in a fast changing global economy. Some of the real issues our solutions address include: project delays, loss of critical business documents, cumbersome management of data and double entry of data, lack of managerial visibility, lack of effective and professional client communication.

Mentlo services and tools cover critical areas such as Finance & Payroll, Sales, Logistics, Human Resource, Administration of Associations & Unions (Membership Management Systems) and Reporting & Analytics(Monitoring & Evaluation)

Associates, Customers and System Integrations


Freight and Logistics System

Mentlo freight forwarding ERP is an end to end software solution which allows freight forwarders Logistics companies and NVOCCs to manage all their shipments and business operations in one system.

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MENTLO offers a full-fledged cloud-based accounting software for businesses. Mentlo Accounting differentiates itself with beautifully designed interfaces and user friendly and intuitive workflows. Our customers can track expenses, invoice clients, generate reports and keep management abreast with all the ins and outs of the business.

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Data Storage and Management Solutions

MENTLO offers solutions for professional unions and associations to easily manage members(individual and corporate), manage member information and integrate easily with regulators and other industry stakeholders through various APIs. Our solutions are customizable to incorporate industry specific member requirements.

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Dues and Levy Management Systems

Billing systems, user accounts and reconciliation tools for financial management of associations and unions

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Electronic Wallets and Collections Solutions

Electronic wallets and collections interfaces which are integrated with Banks Nationwide

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Mentlo Worldwide

Our customers include Freight forwarding companies, NVOCCs,
Banking and Finance, Real Estate, Religious Foundations and Associations

Our solutions provide status notifications, accurate financial
analytics, invoicing, KPI settings, and facilitate collaboration
with partners and clients across the globe.


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My freight forwarding company had been searching for a suitable software for a long time until we found Mentlo freight forwarding software. The benefits of saving time and money were obvious from the start.

Gabriela Bustos

Manager, Via Pacifico, Chile

When I saw what the Mentlo software offered to the Operations Department, I thought immediately it was exactly what our company needed in order to speed up work. The software is defintively a state of the art tool.

Paulina Castaneda

Operations, South Express, Chile

For freight forwarders , large and small, there is the need to save time and money by automating our operations. From job progress tracking, to detailing operational KPIs; Mentlo's software solutions allow me to do all this at the click of a button. Awesome!

Edward Akrong

CEO, Sheiklines, Ghana

Frequently Asked Questions About Mentlo Systems

Do I need special hardware?

No. The only thing you need is a computer and a connection to the internet through a web browser.

Which browsers are supported?

You are strongly recommended to use Google Chrome. Please click the link below if you need to install this browser

Click Here.

Are there any installation costs?

Mentlo systems are online services so as soon as you get an account you are good to go.

Can I use my local printer?

Mentlo systems will work with any printer you have. If you can print PDF files and CSV files from your PC on your local printer, you can do same with Mentlo.

Can all MENTLO users see my clients, shipments and other data?

All transactions and data (client data, shipments, quotes, invoices, etc...) are secured and cannot be viewed by any other users of Mentlo. If you need any assistance with your Mentlo account you can temporarily invite our Support team to assist you and then revoke their access once the issue is resolved.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is being hosted and securely stored at the Amazone data center. The world leading cloud provider, delivering the highest levels of availability, performance and security.

Do I have to leave my credit card details on your website?

All payment transactions for MENTLO will be done via bank transfers. If you opt for any of our payment plans, details of payment will be sent to you via email.